Z button / joystick to the right ?

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Z button / joystick to the right ? Empty Z button / joystick to the right ?

Post  WiZoRZ on Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:28 am

I'm trying to play pokemon snap using A button has camera button. But in order to take the picture, I need to focus using Z button but I also need to use joystick to aim, So i need to have my Z button at the right of the screen or my joystick at the right. What can I do?

Anyway to use Z and A at the same time? why is there no Z+a combo button? Would be pretty cool

Also, where is the L Trigger? Can't find a way to make it appear.

Thank you!

Ps. I use game shark to skip 1st buggy stage, then I can move around the game, but I still can't see pictures at the end of the stage , if anyone has a solution to this i'd like to know it please! Smile


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