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Post  Gontus on Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:56 pm

Hi guys, I came here to ask if its possible to use the G910 controller which is the father of "Wamo Pro" and basicly equal, cause I've tried so many things and I can't connect it with the Bluez Ime system...

IT gives this as an   "ERROR:[JSR82] connect. Connection is not created (failed or aborted)"

So I got a few Ideas even if they have a lot of compromises...

FIRST - Why can't you guys create an option in your apk. so we can make bluetooth connection without using Bluez Ime apk ??
                   There are many emulators which work that way as “epsxe”, “drastic”, "SuperN64", "SNES" and also “GBA”, I use every single one of them and it works completly fine Smile

SECOND - If the first is not possible, create a driver that works just fine for the G910 so we can usefully use it without being rooted... (in (A+HOME) Keyboard mode)


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